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We grill a lot at our home. We have used Chard's Blend on our Tomahawk Steaks and Chicken Breasts and love the flavor. We tried Big Shooter Rub on our Thanksgiving Turkey Breast. We enjoyed the flavor of this Rub Blend. Not too hot but filled with flavor!

Thadd L., West Bend, WI

Had the Big Shooter Rub tonight! By far the best rub I have ever had. Used it on Venison Steaks. It pulled a flavor I've never tasted before...FANTASTIC!!!!

Tim M., Cottage Grove, WI

Could not be more impressed with Chard’s Blend! It is a mix of seasoning you didn’t know you needed until you’ve tried it and then you’ll never want something without it! I use it on my morning eggs, grilled chicken or salmon for lunch and even my pizza for dinner. Chard’s Blend is good for somebody just learning how to cook and use spices or for the professional chef!

Jennifer S., St. Louis, Mo

Most versatile seasoning I have ever used. It has a hint of garlic and the perfect blend of spices to add flavor to any dish.

Brenden L., Tampa, FL

The Chards Blend has become the "go-to" seasoning in our house. You truly can use it on anything. We mainly use it when cooking meat especially ribs and chicken but lately we have loved adding it to vegetables.

Cayla H., Chicago, IL

I have been putting Chard's Blend on everything! We love it!!

Chelsea K., Fox Valley, WI

I gotta give a shout out to probably the best rub I've put on ribs yet. Big Shooter Rub killed it with all the best flavors! Give it a shot and you won't regret it!

Joe Holtz - Milwaukee, WI

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